It feels incredible having a happy helper around the house. And if this happens to be your favorite pet pal, that sure is doubling the fun. Meet the eager helper Rossi; he’s a mix of a Labrador and a retriever. He may be a young dog, but he’s got a somewhat mature disposition.

People and animals have mixed emotions about winter and snow. While it certainly has its charms, it doesn’t get all too appealing if we’re talking about piles after piles of snow to be plowed each day to get your car out of the driveway. Emily Marschok, a resident from Massachusetts, was fortunate enough to get a little help in getting this done. What she thought would be just one of those days when all she?got was herself to do all the clearing,? all of a sudden his dog pal came rushing to her rescue. Rossi instantaneously picked up the shovel and went on clearing the snow that has built up around their car. Emily was dumbfounded but was quick enough to document her dog’s inordinate gesture for us to see. I must say, he’s dauntless just looking at the way his mouth gripped on that shovel.

Seeing dogs make a display of their tricks bring so much joy to their owners, though practical skills such as this one raise the bar of their awesomeness altogether. Let’s hope that in the future dog training centers can include practical and life-saving skills topics in their modules too.

Snow-plowing sure qualifies as one of the unusual?perks of having a reliable and hardworking pet. One that other dog owners out there can hope to be included in their own pet’s bag of tricks as well.

Watch Rossi display his awesomeness and hard work in the video below:

Source: TheAnimalRescueSite

Video: foxred.rossi via Instagram




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