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Many people love Soccer or Football sports. An estimated 250 million players all over the world play this game that makes it the most popular game in the world. Well, it seems that not only humans enjoy Soccer sport. Dogs have developed a fondness for Football as well.

Meet Purin, the super beagle goalie that can catch more balls by her paws in one minute than any other dogs. She holds the Guinness World Book of Records for dogs for most balls caught by dog paws set in the year 2016. She can catch up to 16 ball throws in one minute. No other dogs have beaten her record yet.

Her owner, Makoto Kumagai, said she could do 100 other tricks than catching balls. In addition to her Guinness World record of catching soccer balls, she is also a title holder of two more world record – the most skipping rope done with a human and the fastest dog to travel on a dog. She could do skipping rope with her owner for 51 times, and she could hold up to 10.35 seconds going on a ball without touching the ground.

Her owner said Purin is motivated to learn new tricks because of the delicious liver treats that are her favorite. When she’s not catching balls, she could be out skateboarding, wielding her samurai sword to have some fun outside the beautiful weather.

When people were challenged to beat Purin’s records, they all assessed themselves and said they could never do what the dog has done. Some were impressed on her skills on blocking the balls with her paws even without thumbs to hold on to it. Some said that even the professional football players could not beat the super beagle’s record of blocking 14-16 balls in one minute.

If there was a Football game for dogs, Purin would be the star of the league. She has the skills that even professional goalies can drool over.

Do you love football game? Watch Purin in action here.

Source: Animal Lovers Insider via Facebook


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