Tantrums are very common in children. There are still numerous things in this world which they do not fully understand. Thus, they want things to go their way without hearing the explanation and the reasons of their parents. Most of the time, they cry over a toy they cannot have or the food that they cannot eat and explaining things to them is no use.

Our featured dog for today made a young girl feel better by making her think that whatever it is that upsets her and whatever she feels, she still has the dog by her side. Watch the video below.


In the video, you will witness how the dog approaches the girl in an instant upon seeing her get upset over something. The dog does not understand the reason for the girl’s tantrums, but he still comforted her without the need for any ideas or explanation.

The most impressive part of the video is the dog gave the girl a hug which made the girl find comfort in the presence and warmth of the dog. Through this gesture, the girl calmed down and is aware that the dog has her back no matter what happens.

Our thoughts

In life, we do not have any control over things, and we are only left to cry our hearts out and accept things the way they are. During these times, we need someone who will assure us that we have them no matter what awaits us.

Sometimes, knowing that someone stays by our side without the need to know the real story is already enough to comfort us. The reassurance that these people will remain with us until we are ready to tell them what happens is a beautiful thing to experience as we are not forced to share things which aren’t willing yet to share.

Source: Facebook via Happy Dogs


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