Whenever a human wants to buy anything or avail any service of their liking, most payments have to be in the form of money.

A Colombian dog named Negro lives in Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare campus.

The school?s faculty always make it a point that the dog is well-fed and has a safe and decent place to sleep in at night, and this has been going on for five years and counting.

Strolling around the school, Negro happened to come across a little store that sells cookies and took notice that in exchange for treats (food), students have to give the seller pieces of green paper (money).

Curious on how to get the treats himself without stealing, Negro came up with his unique way to get his fill of tasty cookies, which is quite an ingenious and almost human way.

The bright pooch found his own version of a green colored paper – leaves – which he then placed in his mouth, handed it to the cookie seller, which serves as his “payment” for his treats.

One of the campus teachers, Angela Garcia Bernal, was interviewed by The Dodo. She shared how Negro often goes to the store and observes the students give money in exchange for goods. Come one day, the dog went to the store with its tail wagging, proudly showing off the leaf in his mouth, and hinting that what is in his mouth is his payment for the cookie.

And just like that, how can anyone resist such an adorable customer who finds innovative ways to get what he wants?

Accepting the green leaf as a form of payment, Negro now comes by every single day with a leaf in his mouth and gives it to the cookie seller every time he wants to have a taste of treats.

Now, the smart-thinking pooch is a regular customer of the cookie seller.

Source: A Dog Blog


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