To dogs, hours can seem like days, and days can look like years. And after waiting for 525 long days, a sweet shelter dog is finally going to its furr-ever home.

Cassie, a 5-year-old hound-Shepherd mix, arrived at the Great Dayton Humane Society in Ohio back in August of 2017.

Over that period, she has been in and out of the shelter. This is because the families who have previously adopted her, as well as those in the shelter, deemed that she would be happier and thrive more in a home without felines or small children.

Entering the START training program of Humane Society, she was taught with basic commands and completed advanced training. With a stroke of luck, she was noticed by Jeff Schmitt Auto Group,? which offered to feature her in an ad that will soon change her life.

Come one perfect timing; the commercial caught the eye of Jessica Hendrickson, who at that same time, was also browsing the website of Humane Society. Hendrickson told WPXI how in love she was with her, and how she thought that they both need each other.

After learning that Cassie has been waiting for over 500 days, she knew it was ?a done deal.? And the people who were taking care of Cassie could not be any happier because she can finally settle down in a loving home permanently.

It is as if Cassie knew that she is finally going to get adopted, Cassie was smiling from ear to ear when her new human came to pick her up.

Settling into her new home, she has not wasted any time to make herself comfortable and adjust to her new environment. Hendrickson shared to Dayton Daily how affectionate her new dog was. She loves her belly to be scratched every time, and when you stop giving her belly rubs, she paws at you.

And who would not want and love a 24/7 belly rub service after being in the shelter for so long?

Source: A Dog Blog


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