Playing is an integral part of a dog?s life. They need the exercise they can get as well as the socialization playing offers. However, some dogs are unfortunately unable to do so. This is the case of a Pit Bull puppy that suffers from a condition that caused his toes to curl. He can?t run or play. He can?t even walk unless someone has to carry him or if he crawls.

Although Roscoe seemed to embrace his condition, the people from Asheville Humane Society thought otherwise.

We can only imagine the frustration the condition brought to the happy-go-lucky Pit Bull. Fortunately, the Pit Bull?s state got the attention of the Asheville Humane Society. The North Carolina based group helped raised enough money to pay for the cost for his surgery.

Watch the incredible video below of the Pit Bull?s first steps after his corrective surgery.

The happiness on Roscoe?s face was enough to bring someone to tears. Roscoe may still need to wear those cast, but after a few weeks it will be removed, and it?s going to be if he never had any problems with walking before. What a great way to help Roscoe walk. The surgery gave him a chance to walk, ran and plays with other dogs and with his human family.

Thanks to the Asheville Humane Society for providing immense help to dogs like Roscoe. The team is committed to saving animals of any kind. They will look save abused and abandoned animals. Put them in loving foster homes until they find their own forever homes.

Furthermore, they are also dedicated to providing medical assistance to pet owners who are unable to give the medical attention their pets need due to financial constraints.? Thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who never get tired of providing love and dedication to for animals that need it the most.

Good job guys.

Source AshevilleHumane via YouTube


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